Identity vs confusion
This project is about isolation. About being trapped in an environment, trapped in judgment, trapped in conviction.

I photograph people trying to capture the vulnerability I sense in them. The curtain used as backgound represents the separation between the personal world and the external world, while the patterns and embroideries symbolize freedom. Playing children, the boundlessness of birds, ships and colorful flowers.

By overpainting the photographs the embroideries transform into a tattoo on the soft skin, resulting in a striking contrast between strength and fragility.

Techniques; analogue photography (large frame) / digital processing / painting
Materials; 4x5 film / UV-ink / embroidered raw linen / oil & acrylics / PU resin




Wallflower IV

Wallflower III 


Wallflower II

wallflower christiaan lieverse

Wallflower I