Christiaan Lieverse, Utrecht, Netherlands, 1971, Studio based in Eindhoven

The work is about the world today.. Identity and diversity in a globalizing world; cultural identity and migration; social identity in a growing virtual environment; bioethics and malleability. Combining both beauty and strangeness or imperfection creates curiosity which offers a new perspective as an invitation to rethink. Therefor I like to work with 'strange' materials, acting as an important and interacting layer in the artworks, being part of the story. Like the knotted patterns of the rug-series becoming facial tattoos to emphasize the original meaning (paradise), but making it more urgent. Or the cowhides in the hybrid-series in which the the hairy skin acts as alienating layer on the non-existing models, designed using the 'Phi'-algorithm.. Is perfection an intrinsic value of beauty?

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