Identity and illusion
How does virtual identity differ from reallife identity and how does it affect one’s self-concept?

Most people nowadays have (multiple) digital identities. An online social identity that often represents the perfect self with vibrant social lives. In a gaming environment digital identities are embodied by chosen names that reveal certain skills or characteristics.

Antique photographs of young women isolated from their surroundings. The embroidered fabric, used as backdrop represents the separation between the personal world and the external or digital world, while the patterns and embroideries represent the digital self. .

By overpainting the photographs the embroideries transform into a tattoo on the soft skin, resulting in a striking contrast between strength and fragility.

Techniques & Material;  
4x5 film / UV-ink / embroidered raw linen / oil&acrylics / PU resin 








wallflower christiaan lieverse

Wallflower I