The beauty of diversity

Intertwining of cultures 
Today, in an age when cultures are under threat, the question of cultural identity becomes problematic and takes on new urgency. The reason for this importance lies in the preservation of the traditional cultures and values that are carefully being sewn into the entanglements of globalization.

Persian Rugs
For this project, Lieverse uses hand-woven Persian rugs, a cultural heritage from the near east. Patterns that depict flowering gardens, Persian rugs symbolize paradise. Today these rugs are bleached and distressed on a large scale to adapt them to western taste. 

In this project, Lieverse emphasizes the original meaning in today's context. More urgent, as the woven paradises become facial tattoos.  Reflecting on the current situation and the need of a holistic approach in redefining society.

Technique & material
Painting (oil &acrylics) on traditional Persian rugs


Abu Ward, the last gardener of Aleppo

Studio Eindhoven 2016


work in progress, studio 2016

work in progress, studio 2016

Dianthus, march 2016
Pope Francis, the son of Italian migrants to Argentina, took 12 -muslim- Syrians home with him to the Vatican. With saying "All refugees are children of God" and making religious background irrelevant, can be seen as a huge symbolic move and a lesson in solidarity for all Europese governments.


Sagartio, 2016 
Oilpaint and acrylic on carpet

Chardonne, 2016
oilpaint on carpet

Miyo, 2016
Mixed media, 150 cm x 230 cm, collection Mark Peet Visser Gallery

Work in progress, Delphine , 180 x 240
Studio Eindhoven 2016

Sakura, 2015
230 cm x 145 cm / oil, acryl,spray-paint / carpet / resin