Painted and burnt

You are standing in front of a mirror. You are not looking at yourself, but you are thinking of something that has happened or is about to happen. That's the moment I am trying to catch.

The person depicted seems to be looking at us, yet what we actually see is a self-reflection of a person, caught up in contemplation.

The reflection could also be a perception, because we see what the person sees. 

I painted on asphalt and by burning the surface, stains randomly arise where the paint is blown away. These random imperfections of the soft skin urge for explanation.  The deep blacks of the asphalt and shiny surface of the resin gives the impression of looking in an antique mirror in a dark room. In this project, I strive to find a balance between vulnerability, rawness and coincidence

Techniques: painting and burning of asphalt
Materials: asphalt (bitumen) / oil paint / polyurethane

Studio Eindhoven 2016

Studio EIndhoven 2015

The last visit, 2015
Mixed media on burnt asphalt, 110 cm x 130 cm, private collection

Today I am a queen, 2015
Mixed media on burnt asphalt, 150 cm x 180 cm, private collection

The nemesis in me, 2016