Christiaan Lieverse

Utrecht (1971), Nederland.
Lives and works in Eindhoven




My work is about the world today. Identity and diversity in a globalizing world; cultural identity and migration;
social identity in a virtual environment; bioethics; the malleability of society – these are the themes I explore in my projects.
During this exploration, I reflect on arguments and decisions made, and I aspire after a reflection on morality, to offer people a new perspective.
This should be seen as an invitation to move from indifference – a carapace serving as emotional self-protection – to empathy.




My work calls on me to use various materials, such as asphalt, cowhide, carpets and curtain fabric.
These surfaces are given a new meaning by the projects, thus becoming part of their stories.
The markings of cowhide, for example, may transform into pigmentation on the skin, while carpet patterns may become facial tattoos.






To what extent is perfection an intrinsic quality of beauty?
The Hybrids project allows you to experience what perfection does to the way we interpret beauty and empathize with the other.
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What will happen if we allow ourselves to be curious about the someone else’s story?
The Intertwined project reflects on the cultural intertwinement of society from the view that diversity can actually be synergetic. 

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What do you see if you look through the eyes of someone caught up in self-reflection?
The Reflections project alludes to our relationship with reality.
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How do we relate to our changing environments?
The Transition project shows that culture, economy and religion are dynamic factors.
In addition, it demonstrates the fact that new environments are being created to meet our current needs, both physical and virtual.

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What is the importance of having an identity, freedom of choice, and personal liberty?
The Wallflower project aims to answer this question by capturing the inner world in relation to the external world.
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