christiaan lieverse, utrecht, netherlands, 1971 the studio is based in eindhoven

the work is about the world today. identity and diversity in a globalizing world; cultural identity and migration; social identity in a growing virtual environment; bioethics and malleability. combining both beauty and strangeness or imperfection creates curiosity which offers a new perspective as an invitation to rethink. lieverse likes to work with unconventional materials, like cowhide, asphalt roofing or hand-knotted rugs being an important interacting layer in the artworks, being part of the story. like the knotted patterns of the rugs becoming facial tattoos to emphasize the original meaning, but making it more urgent.


the hybrids series reflects on contemporary research in our striving for perfection. is perfection an intrinsic value of beauty or is it not?
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the flowering gardens in persian rugs represent paradise. this project reflects on globalization, the cultural intertwinement and the impact on cultural identities
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